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Gustave Greely: Music

Film Music

Blasting Through Space

(Gustave Greely)
This piece was written for the ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop and was awarded the inaugural David Rose Scholarship in 2005.
It is a short Sci-Fi animation style film cue recorded at Fox with top call studio players.

Soaring Over the Mountain

(Gustave Greely)
This is a short film-type orchestral piece recorded at Paramount Studios.

Marshall (End Credits)

(Gustave Greely)
Music I wrote for Joseph Jerman's short Western "Marshall."

Alone and Forgotten

(Gustave Greely)
Dramatic film cue. Beautiful solo cello work by studio player Tim Lu.

Never Say Goodbye

Concert Music


(Gustave Greely)
This is a 6-minute orchestra piece premiered by the USC Thornton Symphony in March of 2005. Donald Crockett conducts.

Grumpy Ground


Debris of Life and Mind

A Fading of the Sun

Sunday Afternoon

Pterodactyl Pep Rally

(Gustave Greely)
A whimsical tribute to my experiences in pep bands approached with a dry sense of humor. The bad tuning is intentional : )

Along the Volta